Introducing the community to technology and solving problems

Uptodate Developers is a company working for the promotion of new information and communication technologies in two ways: By developing software solutions designed to address community’s problems and by promoting technology among the youth.

We develop apps, websites, software and other kinds of digital solutions that are designed to tackle, as far as possible, our community’s minor and major issues and meet challenges.

We organize conferences, trainings and competitions in order to introduce our community, especially the youth, to the culture of technology and to the efficient use of digital tools.

Our projects

Each project led by UPDEV is part of a process of contributing to the resolution of the community's problems.

About Us

UPDEV, since 2019

Founded by two students in IT management in Goma in sept 2019, expanded to Kinshasa since 2021, we are committed to the promotion of digital in DRC and Africa, getting involved in projects of close and large-scale and making room for developers to learn, grow and engage their skills

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and implement digital tools and ressources, especially software, to enable automatic performing of certain tedious tasks, but in a more extensive and remarkable way, to provide effective solutions to some given problems that our community faces, using technology.

Our Vision

We are looking forward to building the largest community of developers in Africa, a community of people willing to get the continent to live up to the era and the standard of technology. Our ideal, as implied in our logo, is to be the light that leads the community to brighter future with technology...

Our achievements

Look at how our journey since 2019 could be summed up in numbers.









Our board

Meet the leading team devoted to using technology to actually help solve community’s problems.

Uptodate Developers

Joséphine NDEZE

COO & Co-founder

Uptodate Developers


CEO & Co-founder

Uptodate Developers

Cephas MBUYI

Administrative Advisor

Priscille BAMPATA