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UPDEV is engaging in the expansion of the Cardano Blockchain ecosystem


Discover the Cardano ecosystem

Enter and discover the Cardano blockchain ecosystem being built today and everyday but yet already a pillar for cryptocurrency and crypto-assets services


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Projects being built on the Cardano Blockchain


See how Updev is serving the ecosystem

Updev is taking part to the development of the Cardano ecosystem through various services

Developing apps based on the blockchain

Set to operate a next-gen decentralized exchange, swapping digital assets from across the Interchain, with very low fees and instant transaction confirmation.

Creating smart contracts and wallets

We set up smart contracts as programs stored on a blockchain that auto-run when predefined terms of an agreement are met. We also develop crypto-wallets which allow storing and retrieving one’s digital/crypto-assets.

Bringing our community in the blockchain

We are getting our community to learn more about the blockchain technology by organizing meetups and tutorials on the matter in issue

Engaging developers in the technology

We are introducing developers to the new era of blockchain-centered technology, involving web3, i.e. decentralized serverless web development.

Open source technology

Cardano is being made for the community, by the community! Every developer can contribute to creating new and useful tools/features for the improvement of the platform.

See challenging projects Updev is taking on


ADA to Mobile money app

ADA exchange app is set to allow easy conversion of ADA into local African currencies through mobile money.


Cardano Gorilla NFT

web platform in partnership with the ICCN for the sale or auction of endangered animals from the fauna and flora of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in NFT format.


Cardano French community

Projects developed in French-speaking African countries lack information on blockchain technology in general, so we are focus on growing information and adoption of Cardano in African french-speaking community

Updev Challenge

Updev Challenge

Yearly competition to promote the congolese youth’ best tech projects, including those related to Blockchain. This event allow student entrepreneurs to appeal their ideas to the world and provide them opportunities to connect with engineers


Introducing Africa to crypto

Establishing blockchain technology in Africa is yet a great deal, since crypto-awareness is still too low and so is the adoption too slow, especially in the French African Community.

Therefore, we have committed to delivering some informative/ supportive content and efficient tools and software designed specifically for African french-speaking countries, where we have set our target.




Sharing Space for developers


Join and grow the community

Take on challenges to get the technology even more scalable and deliver the future of Cardano. Be part of the ever-expanding blockchain community

Cardano D'app Integrations

Dapps, products & integrations

What apps, products and integrations to implement to bring impactful use cases to the Cardano ecosystem that help drive more adoption? How?

Grow Cardano, Grow Africa

How do we prepare Africa for a future of wide-scale Cardano adoption? How do we do it in an inclusive and supportive way?

Legal & financial implementations

Legal & financial implementations

How can we build effective solutions to explore and provide legal and financial services and support to funded proposers?

Developer ecosystem

How can we create a positive developer experience that helps the developer focus on building successful apps?

Cardano ecosystem features



Cardano blockchain confirms transactions with the Proof-of-stake protocol that prevents the problem of double counting.



Highly scalable

Cardano concentrates on providing easier methods for mass adoption, solving congestion, and speed problems




Cardano allows building decentralized apps and smart contracts, can be used as P2P crypto, can be staked for rewards, etc.

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Our team

Meet the “Uptodate Developers” committed to delivering the future of Cardano

Dan Baruka

Dan Baruka

CEO and Project leader

Frederique Samvura

Frederique Samvura

Blockchain developer

Josephine Ndeze

COO | Team Leader

Nicolas Descampe

Project Manager



Priscille Bampata


Vital yengayenga

Com Manager | Strategy

Luccin Masirika

Web & Web 3.0 developer

Tunmise Hahfyeez

Creative | UI/UX Designer

Jack Mobutu

Senior web developer

Ebed Melek

Web Developer