Let's contribute together to solve problems with our digital skills

Join the UPDEV developers team as freelance or permanent employees and together let's contribute to the promotion of ICT in the DRC, in Africa.

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Join UPDEV's developers

Joining the developers of the startup Uptodate Developers means agreeing to contribute, with your digital skills, to solving community problems

Analyse and Understand the Problems

Defining the problem you want to solve, and the goals you want to achieve through computer programming is often the most difficult part of the conception process. Understanding the problem allows us to be able to offer suitable solutions.

Design and develop solutions

Software design involves a set of activities that we often summarize in three phases: Analysis, design (writing and testing of programs), and delivery. And all this on respecting deadlines.

Train the community to use

We are convinced that the lack of training of users in the use of digital solutions is one of the main causes of their reluctance to use. At Updev, the developer does not only design, but he also contributes to the training of users in IT tools.

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