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06 January 2022

By UpDev


GitHub provides desktop clients which include a graphical interface for the most common manipulations and an "an automatically updating command line edition of Git" for the advanced scenarios.

GitHub for Windows : https://windows.github.com

GitHub for Mac : https://mac.github.com

Les distributions de Git pour Linux et les systèmes POSIX sont disponibles sur le site web officiel de Git SCM.

Git for all platforms : https://git-scm.com


Configure user information for all local repositories

$ git config --global user.name "[nom]" Defines the name you want to associate with all your commit operations

$ git config --global color.ui auto Enable colorization of command line output


Start a new repository or get one from an existing URL

$ git init [nom-du-projet] Create a local repository from the specified name

$ git clone [url] Downloads a project and all its version history


View changes and perform a commit operation

$ git status List all new and modified files to commit

$ git add[fichier] Adds a snapshot of the file, in preparation for version tracking

$ git reset [fichier] Remove the file from the index, but keep its contents

$ git diff Shows file changes that are not yet indexed

$ git diff --staged Shows the file differences between the indexed version and the latest version

$ git commit -m "[message descriptif]" Saves file snapshots permanently in version history

GROUP CHANGES Name a series of commits and combine the results of completed jobs

$ branch List all local branches in the current repository

$ git branch [nom-de-branche] Create a new branch

$ git branch [nom-de-branche] Create a new branch

$ git checkout [nom-de-branche] Switch to the specified branch and update the working directory

$ git merge [nom-de-branche] Combines the history of the specified branch in the current branch

$ git branch -d [nom-de-branche] Delete the specified branch

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