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06 January 2022

Mobile App

AgroApp is a mobile application connected to a soil sensor that will send data back to the application with a very low margin of error on the condition of the soil, data that will allow the grower to know precisely when to plant a seed, where to plant it, and how to plant it taking into account the period and the condition of the soil, it can also be discussed on a growers' forum to reduce the most errors in the cultivation of this or that other seed to maximize harvests. The farmer or agricultural production company will also have the possibility of having all the information on the seeds to be planted. AgroApp will also allow farmers to know the weather daily to help them with their different seeds.

The Main Lines of AgroApp:

AgroApp comes to help farmers to maximize their productivity by giving them the possibility of having information on the cultivation of their seeds.

Simple User Interface

Possibility of obtaining all the information necessary to plant this or that other seed.

Interface administrator

This part concerns agronomists, they are responsible for entering the necessary information on the cultivation of several seeds. They obtain its information based on experiments carried out in the field using the application and its sensors.

Farmer interface

It is a private space where the farmer can enter his information thanks to the sensors connected to the application, allowing him to retrieve the various information on the properties of his soil.

Our Main Features :

What characterizes us the most is our ability to provide precise information on the different seeds.

Cropping Information

a collection of different agricultural products, their cultivation techniques, their sowing periods, and conservation techniques.


This application offers the possibility for farmers to interact with agricultural technicians for more information.

Soil Properties

Know which seed matches any soil with soil sensors connected to the app.

Discussion forum

Benefit from a discussion forum to ask questions or benefit from the experiences of other farmers.

Weather Information

Approaches the farmer to the climate of his region by giving him the weather forecast for his locality.

AgroApp is a mobile application whose main function is to increase agricultural productivity by allowing farmers to have access to information relating to the weather, to the seeds to be planted according to the soil and the period; this thus reduces risks by improving productivity.

For more information : https://agroapp.org


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