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26 September 2023

Web/Mobile App

Updev Community is a platform for exchanging and sharing knowledge between developers as well as all tech professionals and/or enthusiasts. It is a space where developers can publish materials or information notes, share their resources, their tips or their work methods, discuss/comment on a topic, etc. but also ask questions about technical problems they may face to get help from the community.

It aims to induce dynamism and interactions between Congolese and African developers, to promote skills and knowledge sharing and upgrading, to create connections and possibly collaborations on projects of every scale and ultimately to build a community of actors of the development of Africa through technology.

Updev Community consists, in its second version released in November 2022, of a web-mobile application where any authenticated user is able not only to react or comment on the content presented to them but also to publish their own content as a post or an article, with the possibility to insert images, quotes, blocs of code and external links.

The post/article distinction is generally made on the basis of the length, spontaneity and detail provided in the content in issue: An article is generally longer, more detailed and thoroughly studied when being redacted while a post is concise, spontaneous and deals only with a particular aspect of a topic. A post can also consist of a question addressed to the community.

As for the reactions, it is about leaving a “like”, “love” or “useful” mention for articles and “approve” or “disapprove'' mention for posts (including questions) as well as one can leave comments to express their impressions or feedback about the topic on the line.

All articles and posts in Updev Community are associated with at least one hashtag when created. Thus they can be filtered according to the research need or the interests of the user.

The application also offers the possibility to search with relevant results, to save posts / articles for oneself to easily find them later, to share articles and posts via third-party applications, cross-platform and bilingual support (English and French), a light or dark theme interface and several more features to find out.

Open the application

Moreover, Updev Community is yet an Open Source project, i.e. its source code is accessible to all and implemented by the developers themselves within the community, as long as they have new ideas to suggest or features to improve.

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